The True Size is a website that lets you compare the size of any nation or US state to other land masses, by allowing you to move them around to anywhere else on the map. Map created by reddit user edtheredted using While it doesn't look it, Africa is big, really big. Updated September 11, 2015 — 11.02pm first published at 12.37pm. The True Size Map shows countries as many travelers would say they are meant to be seen: in their "true," relative sizes. It’s useful but misleading in important ways. Interactive map tool shows the true size of the world's countries. In fact, Africa's true size is 30 million square km, just under twice the size of Russia or bigger than Canada, the United States and China put together! One of the best known and commonly used world maps, the Mercator Projection, depicts Greenland and Africa as being roughly the same size. Gmap Pedometer - Draw a route or outline on a map, and the site tells you the length of the route. Save. The True Size map lets users compare countries by their actual size in square kilometres On conventional Mercator projection maps, Greenland appears to be similar in size to the continent of Africa, when in reality it has about the same surface area as the African country of Algeria. The site also lets you associate your route with a permanent URL. A new kind of world map (above) has been developed that shows the true size of the continents without distorting their shapes too much. The True Size - Interact with outlines of selected countries and U.S. states - supports rotation. The new projection is called Equal Earth and … One of the most popular map projections of the world is the Mercator projection:. For example, Greenland looks roughly the same size as Africa on most maps, even though the African continent has 14 times more land mass. With the the True Size Map, you can drag countries and continents around a Mercator map to uncover their true sizes.For example, it may not be apparent on a Mercator map that Australia is about the same size as the lower 48 US states (see above). But the AuthaGraph design aimed to fix that, by dividing the globe up into 96 equal regions, and then transferring those dimensions from a sphere to a tetrahedron, before generating the final map. By Inga Ting. By Michael Le Page. The tool, dubbed "The True Size" allows you to type in the name of any country and move the outline around to see how the scale of the country gets distorted the closer it gets to the poles. So, when left right up in the north of the map, Greenland does indeed look huge: Cartographers have unveiled a new map of the world which shows the size of the continents more accurately. In reality, Africa is 14 times larger.. Can also search by keyword such as type of business. Provides directions, interactive maps, and satellite/aerial imagery of many countries.