13. 9.00. In a shop, you could ask if there is a better price. Fri … It’s called the Salon Emmaüs and I haven’t been (because I’m not fond of crowds.) Buying retail is for chumps. Reply, Great post! Brass Incense Holder. You can get anything from an old sofa (now the dog sofa) to broken toys and second hand watches, amongst which treasures are to be found.. Also love going to Emauss outside Arles. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. And you can also set email or SMS alerts at L’Agenda des Brocantes and Brocabrac, to notify you of upcoming brocantes and flea markets. (For the sake of discussion, I’m just going to refer to outdoor flea markets as brocantes, as they are referred to in Paris. I love your books and have already pre-ordered the next on Amazon, I can’t wait! Déposez et modifiez vos annonces à tout moment. Reply, Thanks, David, for great input for this estate sale junkie’s return to Paris in September. The city is brimming with flea markets, antique markets, and brocantes, replete with everything from packages of socks to postcards and storied dressers. Admission € 7, free for children under 15 I bought the most wonderful copper sauce pan for 10 Euros! (Tip: Ask if they’ll open the back door to the area where the used baking stuff is, if it’s not open.). In addition, Brocbrac has an app, as does Vide-Greniers.org, to help find the brocantes on-the-go. Maybe someday I’ll be walking those same streets for longer than a vacation allows. Reply. Thanks so much! Brocanville vous aide à trouver simplement et gratuitement les bourses à ne pas rater en semaine ou le week-end. Reply, Hello David, when discussing this future post with you (at La Cuisine) I forgot to ask you if you were going to mention the Braderie de Lille. Forget fancy stores, I like the thrift ones. Access RER A rapid transit rail line, Rueil-Malmaison Station/ Free shuttle-bus from the station, Exit No 1. WALK IN PARIS "ANTIQUITÉ BROCANTE PARIS " 06/09/2019 PARIS 4K - Duration: 22:57. Emuparis. These are roving flea markets and each one has its own personality, with items at various prices points. These can be hit-or-miss. I should come to Paris one day! Some of the stuff is really grungy. Photos. Brocante à Paris 13e Nous proposons à la vente un stock important d’objets divers, rétro, insolites, uniques … datant des années 60, 70 ou 80 par exemple. Waiting for your newest book to be published, too. Vent vetements d enfants à prix bas There are a few other Emmaüs stores to the east of Paris, outside of the city, that I’ve been rummaging through as well. Thanks for your careful eye. I love antiques for years. Reply, That was taken on the Boulevard Beaumarchais, at a brocante that happens there infrequently. )…, My latest obsession was trying to find a cool salad serving set. I lived in Nice, France for one year and London, England for two and was not “into” flea markets at the time…now I wish I could turn back time and go visit EVERY one possible!!! Reply, Oh one more thing David if I could… do you know whether (in general) the furniture dealers deliver furniture… just don’t want to have to rent a car or try to schlep a table or dresser on the bus ;) Reply, I’ve never bought and shipped furniture but many folks that do, use Hedley’s Humpers. During the summer months, many towns and villages outside for Paris, on the Île-de-France (within a 1-2 hour radius of Paris), hold flea markets, which they will list as a braderie or brocante, and those are listed on the above websites as well as on signs posted around the city or village. I will be staying close to the Marche d’Aligre and have heard good things about that market. This is a wonderful post. I am looking forward to your visit to the 92nd Street Y presentation in May – already have bought my tickets. : contact@sncao-syndicat.com Plus de détails Quelles sont les lignes de Bus qui s'arrêtent près de Brocante, 1 Rue Ballu 75009 Paris? BTW, I finally got to Larnicol tonight for some kouignettes–thanks for the tip on reheating them. (Tip: Leave valuables at home. Reply. and oil will smooth down that nick in the spoon, fyi…and get them super clean as well. Opening hours are on their website. Things to Do Hotels Restaurants ... Brocante des Abbesses. Paris Paris. Reply, You’ve done an excellent job of covering the spectrum of flea market & thrift opportunities in Paris. Trouvez les meilleurs vide-greniers, brocantes et autres foires. Contact Pressons SAS Brocante åbningstider i dag. 1st shuttle from 10:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 18:00 every 30 minutes or so. (Trust me.) French people don’t part with their money easily, and dealers know that. Some dealers may offer a flimsy plastic bag, but they aren’t comfortable for long-term bargain hunting. – Never, ever put anything down if you actually want it – the moment you do, it’s considered fair game for someone else to grab it. – Although thrift stores take credit cards, sellers at open-air flea markets usually only take cash. Trouvez les événements proches de chez vous très simplement et gratuitement. I, basically, furnished my house there, and also bought a bunch of Le Creuset cookware, vases, plates, crystal, silver, a stroller, jewelery, a taxidermied crocodile…. Also near Paris is the bi-annual Foire de Chatou, an open-air flea market and ham fair, that takes place in the fall and in the spring, and has a free shuttle from the RER A station. That is a huge set – I think a good carver could make it into two. Brocante toute la France. Like this video? Reply, Loved the column as much as I love yard sales, thrift shops and flea markets and will save it to my travel folder. : 01 47 70 88 78 For the best selection, arrive early in the morning. 22:57. Dogs on a leash are accepted. Most supermarkets in Paris sell large, reusable shopping bags suitable for the purpose. There’s plenty of stuff that people get rid of because it’s old-fashioned or not needed, so it is possible to pick up vintage cookware, linens, and other things that locals cast off. Jour De Brocante à Paris Bastille 2 - Duration: 59:53. Reply. Reply. Then I can put anything fragile/valuable, in the hard-side luggage and carry-on. What a gigantic salad set! Loved your posting; brought back memories of my visit to Clignoncourt 20 years ago when I bought a gorgeous pair of soft, faded red vintage drapes from an elderly fellow – I spoke little French and he, no English, but we managed to come to an agreement on price and for $18.00 American I have those vintage window hangings that I use for the holidays. Paris is not a city teeming with thrift stores. Perhaps a valid reason to return to Paris – one more time. Grand posting, David – confirms my dearest wish to return for a long visit now that I’m retired. I think I would be taking everything home…I especially loved the Provence themed items – lovely! Should have been a lot less than €20. (Although I haven’t taken it, so can’t say how easy it is to get there via the RER.) 4. Professional day Thursday 11 March  from 7:30 am Bellocq Tea Atelier Filter Bags. I like looking around sometimes. How is it possible that even the rummage sales in Paris are more beautiful than the ones here? Quick View. I will keep my eye out for the neighbourhood brocantes that are scheduled in Paris. 2. ), but there are some finds if you poke through. These sales are often listed on the Paris.fr website under Fairs & Trade Shows and some of the more upscale ones are listed at the website of Joël Garcia, an organization that sponsors large antique expositions in Paris. Rue Paul Vaillant Couturier in Montreuil, metro, Mairie de Montreuil. Flea markets (Marchés aux puces) refers to the larger, fixed-location flea (puces) markets in Paris, but it’s the brocantes and vide-greniers that I find the most interesting. Most are eager to sell, and you’ll often find me picking through the boxes on the ground for the best deals. The Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale continues to be astounding though, and I will have to make do with these poor substitutes for the thrill of actually junking in FRANCE! The French brocante never disappoints me, which is a good thing otherwise there would be no way I would leave my comfortable bed and warm home to venture in the early and freezing morning. Can’t wait to get the new book as well. It didn’t fit the guy which made getting it back in my possession easier. Brocante St Sernin in Toulouse. What a marvellous way to spend my time is reading your posts and seeing your pictures! A map and directions are on their website.). And sometimes they arrange things along a theme, like Provence. Quelques chouettes stands, de chouettes objets, des prix corrects. Reply, Thank you so much for this post, David. In addition, if you’re haggling and whittling someone down in price to save a few euros – then hand them a €50 for a €3 purchase, it can be awkward. Wonderful post, David! There is a really good one over the rhone in Beaucaire. The latter is more likely to have bargains. Most of the furniture, kitchen utinsils and glassware etc. (On the other hand, if you’re in Paris for a short time, the Clignancourt market can be interesting to poke around in.) And outside Paris, across France, there are many fabulous markets as well! Services Aah, Terry, I am with you. Price The best are: –Neuilly-Plaisance (38, avenue Paul Doumer), –Neuilly-sur-Marne (15, boulevard Louis Armand). -david Reply, Oooh — I’m headed to Paris this summer, and I have to say that a few finds from the brocante sound like better souvenirs than “I Love Paris” caps and snow globes… Reply, Wow! Tél. I saved this as well as a number of your other posts and spent today reviewing them. Many thanks! I’ll be in Paris in a few weeks… it looked like the Emmaüs stores have some clothing, do you think they would be my best bet or might you recommend a certain other brocante? Enjoy your treasures. (Tip: The Bougival Emmaüs is accessible by the RER A train, which stops 1km, or a half-mile, from the store. Oh, this is a dangerous post. Reply, David, In addition to hunting for vintage finds, I also enjoy buying unwanted clothing to upcycle into new wares. Reply, Love your post and just returned from 10 days in Paris. (Usually the items at these sales are not of interest to visitors.). and I have the bruised knees to prove it! 10 minutes from Paris. I leave for two weeks in your lovely city this week and can’t wait to visit so many new places that I have learned about via YOU. フランスを中心にヨーロッパ各国のアンティーク、ブロカント商品を取り揃え、オンラインショップだけでなく骨董市や蚤の市にも出店します。 Looks like you will need a pretty large salad for that wooden set.! But they don’t seem to have a fixed link to the event, or a dedicated page, and date changes annually. Reply. I don’t drive, and have found one can get to most places in Le Grand Paris by public transport, though it can be an adventure. Tout pour que vous puissiez chercher votre Brocante en hiérarchisant par tri et par activités sur le département. Ohh and I’m swooning over all of those beautiful wooden spoons and old knives you photographed! :), @sandy – i’m a huge fan! Emmaus (which one? Open to the public from Friday, March 12 to Sunday, Mars 21, 2021, Schedule Love the glassware and the cool hand carved looking salad set! (packing light this year!) Reply, i hope you grabbed that gorgeous pale yellow retro le crueset casserole in picture 6. i have one, and a larger size in powder blue and they are fab. Reply, Très exhaustif merci! Positively lovely and as always, a wonderful lesson and glimpse into life in Paris. Garage sales and sidewalk sales aren’t permitted in France, so vide-greniers are the closest equivalent. Reply, Thanks for all the tips David, I’ve always wondered how to find the flea markets in Paris. Last year we stayed in the Rue Cler area, which I’ve come to think of as the “Disney version” of a Parisian neighborhood – seemed like there were more English speakers than French speakers roaming about. The main markets are on the Rue des Rosier, the Marché Serpette and Marché Paul-Bert, and the Marché Jules Vallée. Most brocantes in Paris are a mix of dealers and particuliers, or individuals, who are non-professionals. My flea market finds have turned out to be my most treasured possessions. Would love to see a photo of that metal patisserie shop sign! When they use (or add) the word Brocante, it’ll be a mix. Get a nice electric sharpener and you will be able to salvage several of them and be able to use them. (Tip: There is an antique collective, Belle Lurette, located in what is called the “Village Popincourt” at 5 rue Marché Popincourt, in the 11th. I recently found a much-used butcher knife, that’s been pretty honed down to almost nothing over the years…and a glass to add to my cocktail glass collection (which they threw in my bag – for free! It’s good to know the nomenclature. When I put photos on my Instagram stream, as I wander through the pop-up flea markets in Paris, the invariable question comes up: “Where are you?” So in response to folks that want to know where I shop, this listing is for you. It was a normal Parisian neighbourhood back then. I’ve developed a bit of a “bottom feeder” mentality and avoid the traditional flea markets, the Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen (usually referred to as the Marché Clignancourt), and the Marché aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves, and stick to the brocantes that pop up in Paris during nice weather in the various neighborhoods. See All. Thank you for your thoroughness and links and directions. !…..Best, Sandy Price Reply, Nice article. There are two smaller flea markets that get less attention than the major ones. Quick View. Sign in to make your opinion count. @sandylprice Reply, I love antiquing and am in Paris next week, this is soooooo wonderful! Bargain hunters might want to rent a car and visit their large shops outside of the city. Some aren’t pretty or are new, but digging through them, you can likely score – well, sometimes! As for rue Cler, I remember a visit there decades ago, pre Rick Steeves. They sure would make a great conversation piece. A sanding sponge (do they have those in Parisian hardware stores?!) ANNEPONT 17350: e la 8 ème brocante et vide grenier en ce dimanche 21 octobre 2018 Tout en images. – Bring a sturdy, large shopping bag when heading out on the hunt. 10:13. As an avid chineur all over the states and Europe, I can definitely say that the Braderie de Lille is the absolute Mecca of flea markets. I am a flea market addict myself and have written three books on the subject, two about France– most recently The Flea Markets of France (2009)– and The Vintage and Antiques Fairs of England (2013). Thanks David. Prices are much lower and it’s more fun to see what pops up as people are unloading their trucks. Definitely be hitting some of these spots next time I’m in Paris! Reply, David, Thank you, David, for telling us where the really good stuff is! The best are at the large Leroy Merlin hardware shop, located at Beaubourg in Paris. (Tip: For those interested in culinary items, Bachelier Antiquités specializes in copper cookware, pottery, and culinary tools. Reply, Absolutely fabulous! – Bargaining is acceptable. 7. We have hesitated going to the big weekend flea markets while in Paris, but we always stop at the brocantes when we are driving in rural France. Last year I caught a wonderful brocante in Saint-Paul – my only regret was a lack of luggage space. Loved it – it made such a wonderful lunch-time read……. Reply, Thank you for this thorough post! Subscribe and receive David's free guide to the best pastry shops in Paris, La Brocalou le Titoustock – French Antique Store, Paris Pas Cher: 8 Money-Saving Tips for Paris, Holiday Gift Idea! I scored a great old French metal pastry shop sign at one for €100 a while back, which wasn’t dirt-cheap, but there was no way I was leaving that behind. (Or I have my French partner ask.) Direction Saint-Germain en Laye 4 stations from Charles de Gaulle-Etoile. Wed 10AM TO 6PM. /// par Maadiar - Duration: 10:13. When I lived in a small apartment, I had to pass on many of the great things I would find at flea markets and antique sales in Paris. It takes place Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 2pm. See all 170 photos taken at The Paris Market & Brocante by 3,090 visitors. WALK IN PARIS "ANTIQUITÉ BROCANTE PARIS " 06/09/2019 PARIS 4K - Duration: 22:57. I just moved to Paris and am feverishly working on furnishing my apartment… and hoping to find flea market bargains for basic things I wish I had brought from the US, like basic glassware for example. Great tips too. But I can’t go to these anymore as I am facing the “Something in, something out” conundrum you mentioned so I go to Les Puces and dream. I love all your posts. 10.00 _____ THE PARIS MARKET AND BROCANTE. It’s unfortunate, but some work the flea markets. The Chatou Fair is an event certified by the SNCAO-GA, with the label "France-Europe-Antiques-Quality". I live in France and love to go to brocantes (flea markets in French) in the small countryside villages of my beautiful region, the “Picardie”. Reply, Wow, what a comprehensive and fascinating post. Mes trouvailles du week-end, bientôt disponibles dans la boutique ! France Brocante and and Vide-Greniers are two websites that will help. Reply, His items were pretty high-priced (I already have a couple of those Raymond Loewy Le Creuset casseroles) – but there were a few items that I saw that I wanted. The Vancouver native, who has a design background, moved to Paris and has become a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to second-hand shopping—or brocante in French. Brocante à Paris 11 75011 : Antiquité brocanteur. Now that I’ve got some more space in my apartment after moving a couple of years ago, I’ve resumed scouting the vide-greniers and brocantes again, scooping up odds and ends. 5. Thrift stores outside of Paris may expect you to bring your own. Reply, I am amazed that so many knives were available at the flea market. Reply, Great post! I brought my twenty-year-old, faithful down jacket that looks every bit as old, it did its job and kept me warm. Reply, One of my favourite pastimes, living in Provence is going to the brocante. I set my sport coat down while looking at football jerseys at a street market stall and when I turned around someone was trying it on. BTW – how big is the salad bowl that you use with that salad set? Very go info. In a city like Paris, you won’t find people giving away stuff (like you’ll find out in the countryside), but you can still score plenty of bargains if you look. To get there, take the line 4 métro to Porte de Clignancourt. For local Paris brocantes/flea markets/vide-greniers, pick up a copy of l’Officiel des spectacles at a newsstand. Other buyers will want something if someone else has shown interest in it. On my one trip to Paris (so far) my only regret was not making it to the flea markets. Reply, I’m SO very jealous right now!! Reply, A hint that was given to me by a friend who lived in Paris in the 80’s: Bring a pair of cotton or surgical rubber gloves when you expect to go picking through all the boxes, clothes, hardware, etc. Braderie is a term used more in the countryside. Each brocante in Paris has a different personality. There are two well-known flea markets in Paris; the massive Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, or Marché Clignancourt, which is open Saturday (9am-6pm), Sunday (10am-6pm), and Monday (11am-5pm). Sometimes it’s a lot of plastic children’s toys, other times, people are cleaning out their kitchens and you can score. Reply, Hi David Nearby is Au Petit Bonheur La Chance, which sells vintage housewares.). I never knew there was a website for Vide-grenier not to mention some of the other less obvious places to find treasures. And I too love the brocante fairs that take place in many of the Paris arrondissements throughout the year. Presence of experts & valet service, Syndicat National du Commerce et de l’Antiquité,de l’Occasion et des Galeries d’Art (SNCAO-GA) Emmaüs has small stores scattered around various neighborhoods in Paris. Petites annonces Paris avec VIVASTREET Paris le N°1 de l'Annonce 2.500.000 ANNONCES en France. THE PARIS MARKET AND BROCANTE. Those orange juice carafes. Merci. As Parisians say: “Something in…something out” – meaning that if you brought something into your apartment, you had to get rid of something else to make room for it. Paris 75 - Vide-greniers et brocantes. (Folks can check the Emmaüs website or type “Salon Emmaus Porte de Versailles” and the year, into a search engine, and perhaps the dates will come up.) 36 West Broughton Street, Savannah, GA, 31401, United States (912) 232-1500 INFO@THEPARISMARKET.COM. Other benevolent organizations hold braderies and brocantes from time-to-time: Secours Populaire Française is one, and the other is the Armée du Salut (Salvation Army). I went last year for the first time and I was not psychologically prepared for the experience….incredible. To get there take the métro to Porte de Vanves (line 13) and follow folks walking a couple of blocks to the flea market. Et voici mon butin de chine de cette semaine ! I just discovered and i can’t stop turning the pages. 13.75. Exit 1 and 2 (in the station) “rue des 2 gare”, exit at the head of the train. 36 West Broughton Street, Savannah, GA, 31401, United States (912) 232-1500 INFO@THEPARISMARKET.COM. Reply, Yes, very timely, indeed–I’m heading out to Vavnes this Saturday morning. Direction Paris from Saint-Germain in Laye Station Chatou Croissy, exit at the end of the train and access by the footbridge. The airlines have really jacked up fees for additional luggage, but sometimes it might be worth paying an extra $100 to bring home a whole bunch of stuff you really love. What a difference a few years, and a few extra square meters, make. It is a great cookbook. Thanks so much for taking the time to write about this. Reply. First wknd of September. Maybe one of these years. Enjoy France ! Nice piece! Reply, Just wondering if that salad set (wooden fork and spoon) comes in a larger size… Reply, I love the Marché Aligre – I found some great men’s shirts there last spring – 3 for 8 euros! Still fun to rummage around. ... Tuesday June 13 2017 Details. Reply, I didn’t buy any of them. Their bags have regular-sized handles, as well as shoulder straps, and are wide enough to hold large items, and sturdy and comfortable enough to carry heavy – or multiple – objects. Because they are in the city, anything good gets snapped up quickly. Free parking – Valet service available (under the bridge). Reply, Fabulous resource David. The best way to find when the roving brocantes and vide-greniers take place is to check the listings at Vide-greniers.org, L’Agenda des Brocantes, SPAM, Points de Chine, Brocabrac, and especially the city of Paris’ web page for antique and flea markets in Paris, which lists them by date and neighborhood. ), Brocantes and Flea Markets in Paris (Paris.fr), 10 Things to Bring Back from Your Trip to Paris, French Flea Market Vocabulary (French Today), Antiquing Outside of Paris (A vintage kitchenware store that’s about an hour from Paris by car. For those interested in used restaurant equipment, there is La Brocante d’Epinay (Etablissements Bravo). Because they’re in the city, bargains get snapped up quickly, although I scored a €5 cassole for making cassoulet at the one on Boulevard Beaumarchais (#22), right next to the trendy Marais. David, have you tried Chinese metal tongs for your salad. Below are tips on how to find them, since it’s not as obvious to visitors when and where they’ll be. Bon chiné! Just as I was congratulating myself that I’d tamped down my chronic yearning for Paris, here you come along and stoke the fire again. What a great and thorough litany of temptations! Reply, Good piece. Which can be a challenge when there’s so much good stuff to find out there! Reply. Thanks for the chance to review “My Paris Kitchen: Recipes and Stories”. Reply. So it pays to stick your head in if you’re walking  y. Reply, The salad set looks big in the picture where you are holding them, but not as big in the other picture where they are lying on the table — maybe that close-up shot is distorting them somewhat? We have a rather good simile of a marchés aux puces here called “Cookin”; much of which comes from France. I think I’ll have to take a stab at your recipe when I get home. See All. I’ve always felt a little awkward asking for a better price, so I’m glad to know it’s a common practice. Plates are stacked and stacked on top of each other. Petites annonces gratuites en France et Belgique pour particuliers et professionnels. Tue 10AM TO 6PM. But if you have the urge to go, you can rent a car, or use Google maps to figure out how to get there by using public transit, and hit one (or all) of the three Emmaüs stores I give below. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a genuine bargain here but there are interesting things. Reply, Reads like preparing for a battle :) I do think the older the city where your flea market is the more interesting it gets. – Keep an eye out for pickpockets. I’ll save all this info for when I visit, hopefully in the summer of 2015. 1st shuttle from 10:00 am till 12:30 and from 2:00 am till 6:00 am all 30 minutes. THE PARIS MARKET AND BROCANTE. Information COVID-19 Dans certaines villes, selon les dispositions prises par les mairies, les vide-greniers et brocantes sont de nouveau autorisés. Great post. It’s a soft suitcase with handles and I can toss clothes and shoes in there, and not worry about them getting mangled by baggage handling. Learn something new all the time! Professionals might stock their stands with vintage linens and beautiful French dishtowels, while others may specialize in ‘60s to‘80s cookware or household items. In fact, I couldn’t even find the dates for this year’s Salon anywhere online. Thank you!! 9.00. There are treasures everywhere in Paris. As always, it’s buyer beware. I found some beautiful Villeroy and Bosch plates there with different fruit patterns on them, which I love, as well as some great white porcelain soup bowls. Many things, including café items (wine carafes, beverage glasses, water pitchers, jam jars, etc) that look retro, might have been re-issued or in continuous production since the 50s or 60s. :-0 ! – Restrooms are rare to non-existent at outdoor markets, so you may need to use one in a café. A reputable dealer will know the difference and let you know, but not everyone selling items knows (or will tell you.) I bring a lot of €2 coins, which makes me a “golden” customer. Reply, Too bad the Ashby BART Station flea market in Berkeley is no long the delirious mishmash of all kinds of stuff that it was for its first decade or so.

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